Uninstall apps on Android

Having an Android device means that we have millions apps available to download at any time we want. Not only we have the Google Play Store, but also, Android takes APK files, so we can download any type of app we want. But sometimes, we also need to uninstall some of them. Android is not a hard system and the process to uninstall is not difficult at all, so in this post we will explain to you step by step how to delete apps on your android smartphone.

Deleting apps can help you to free some storage space and even some RAM space on your smartphone. So, if you are struggling with your storage space or you just want to get rid of some apps that you have on your android, then you need to follow up this tutorial.

Step by step: uninstall Android apps

We have two ways to delete apps on our devices. The first method is:

  1. Open your menu and locate the app that you want to delete.
  2. Now, press on the logo of the app, and keep pressing until a menu of options show up.
  3. In this menu, you will see different options, and one of them is deleting the app.
  4. Tap on the delete or uninstall button, and the process will immediately start.

That method we just described it is one of the fastest and easiest way to delete an app from your device. However, you have another option to do this:

  1. Open your menu and tap on the Settings option.
  2. Now, look for the option “applications”. This could show up just as applications, but if you don’t find it, maybe look for the option of Storage.
  3. In here, you will find a long list of all the apps you have currently installed. Look for the app that you want to delete and tap in it.
  4. You will see a button that says uninstall or delete app. Tap in there, and the process will start immediately.

With both methods you will delete any app you want easily and it will just take you a couple of minutes.

There are apps that I cannot delete, what can I do?

It is possible that you want to delete an app that doesn’t give you the option to uninstall. This happen with pre-install apps that came with your device. To remove these apps completely you need to break your device system through a more complicated process, but this is not recommended. Instead, we have another solution that can help you.

You cannot uninstall the app, but you can delete the cache information and you can disable the app. This will guarantee that the app won’t update anymore and it won’t download more information. In this way, you will free some storage space on your phone and you will make sure that the app won’t take more space. This is a better solution that will keep your system safe.